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Leaky Tap - Internet.CustomKeywords

Leaky Tap - Internet.CustomKeywords: "Mozilla/Firefox Custom Keywords Directory"

NOTE: In an effort to keep this as a community project, I am using a wiki. PLEASE do not delete entries or screw around with the formatting. Thank you!

OK, we're back to read only again, due to the F*CKing spammers! I'm very sorry that I had to remove some recent entries, because they were mixed in with the spam. If you want to add anything my email address is aaron[aatt]wormus.com

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SessionSaver - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

SessionSaver - MozillaZine Knowledge Base: "What is SessionSaver?

SessionSaver is an extension for Firefox and the Mozilla Suite that will automatically keep track of your browser windows and tabs and restore them exactly as they were across browser sessions. Not even crashes can faze it: window positions, tab histories, cookies, scrolling and text in text boxes - all are saved. SessionSaver can also save individual sessions for future recall.

It has a host of options for experts to tweak, including session-storage (akin to Firefox's ability to bookmark all tabs in a folder), which allow a high degree of flexibility.

The latest version of SessionSaver is located here (http://eschew.org/misc/firefox/index.php?dir=&file=sessionsaver-02-dev.xpi). There is no official homepage, but SessionSaver support is currently centralised on a MozillaZine forum thread (http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=47184) that is more than 90 pages long.

This is a wiki page, anyone should feel free to add and correct information here."

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